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Lumiscent resources have advantage of having full access to our vast knowledge base on software testing as well as templates and guidelines to jump start project work. Key offerings in Functional Testing space are:

Test Case Development: Writing effective test cases is vital to reduce risk and assure good quality product. Lumiscent test case management encompasses full template application coverage and begins with organizing test cases into categories such as business risk, business process flows and UI behavior.

Test Execution: Test execution is the process of completing a specified set of test cases and documenting the results. Lumiscent LLC has helped many clients on test execution order and reusability to reduce risk with quick execution cycle. We also encourage execution of test set from system components that do not change to validate that they are not impacted.

Defect Tracking and Management: Finding, documenting, and resolving defects are an integral part of testing. Lumiscent has not only developed not effective defect management, we also have ready to use metrics for defect tracking and management.

Reporting and Governance: A key element to any SDLC process is metrics. Lumiscent uses a standard set of metrics to evaluate the quality of product/process, to better understand the trends during testing, and to determine the overall quality of the implementation project. The reporting metrics include both quality metrics to measure the quality of the software delivered in terms of open defects and tests passed, and testing metrics to measure the effectiveness of the testing process.

  • Evaluation of tools and usage
  • Work flow design and tool configuration
  • Training and user guideline
  • Automation

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